Sodoo and Aldarra – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Pastor Sodoo, his wife Aldaraa (and their daughter, Enushka) are our newest Faith Promise missionaries serving in the nation of Mongolia. They are Mongolian by birth and are the first indigenous (native) missionaries that Faith Promise has ever supported.

(They do not have a traditional last name as that has not been common in Mongolia until recently. When Mongols use a last name, they choose their father’s first name as the surname. We will simply refer to them as Sodoo and Aldaraa.

Pastor Sodoo was Mongolia’s leading youth pastor for ten years and now serves as the head of the Youth Evangelical Alliance and national director of Youth For Christ. He has also planted a number of churches in Mongolia and continues to lead church planting movements in that nation as well as missionary vision for Central Asia.

Aldaraa is his capable compliment in ministry. Together they disciple many Christian Mongolian youth leaders and church planters. Enushka is their fifteen year old daughter who also serves in the ministry and speaks fluent Russian.

At forty years old, Sodoo is one of the key Christian leaders in his nation. It is our privilege to support this wonderful missionary family.

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