Discipleship Hour

17 Sep 2017 | 09:00 am - 10:00 am
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Discipleship Hour Sunday Mornings

Fall 2017 Sunday Morning Discipleship Classes

1. Christian Foundations & FCC Membership Class

Beginning Sunday 9/24/2017; from 9:00 10:05 am.

Leaders: Brian Hunter & Lowell Miller

This “Christian Foundations & FCC Membership” study is intended to provide a Biblical foundation for understanding what faith in Jesus Christ entails and how the scriptures guide us to live out that faith in community as the Body of Christ.

Our prayer is that this 14session class will help each one of us grow in our personal relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ; grow in cooperating with the Holy Spirit to head in the opposite direction from sin; help develop our understanding of the doctrinal truths of the Bible; and then make commitments aligned with what the Bible calls us to become in our personal and churchcommunity walk of faith.

The course will step through the content of the scripturally based “FCC Membership Commitments” and “FCC Statements of Faith” documents. We will dig into the scriptures on which these two documents are based, address some of the big questions of life and faith, and allow time for discussion and questions each week.

We are hoping that all FCC attendees that are teenagers and above will make plans to attend.

An example of our first session covers the following topics:

Introduction a prayer for God’s power.

What is the Gospel?

What is Faith in Jesus Christ?

What is sin?

2. In the Beginning; A Study of Genesis From Creation to the Flood

Beginning Sunday 9/17/2017; from 9:00 10:05 am.

Leader: Bryan Johnson

Please join me as we walk through God’s plan, His creative nature, the fall of man, the first murder, and countless other topics covered within the first pages of God’s Word. These major topics describe God and our relationship to Him.

3. Be an Infectious Christian; Study and Discussion on Personal Biblical Evangelism.

Beginning Sunday 9/17/2017; from 9:00 10:05 am.

Leader: Joel Morris

Statistics have shown that the longer we are a Christian, the less likely we will share Christ with a nonbeliever. Several reasons suggest why; passivity, fear and one reason that really becomes a road block, is that as we age as Christians our circle of friends has become filled with fellow believers. There are no nonbelievers in our circle of influence. Which means to share Christ, we must be intentional. We must purposely get outside our box to share our faith.

Join me this fall as we walk through the hindrances of sharing our faith. Let’s build a passion for evangelism individually and as a church. Here are some of the discussion we’ll have:

1. Start with why God. Why does God care about the lost?

2. Start with why Our part. Igniting a personal fire for evangelism.

Be passionate but be yourself.

3. God’s message we are to passon to others. The difference between Biblical evangelism and modern evangelism.

4. One goal, three possible paths pathway one: Intentional Relationships.

5. One goal, three possible paths pathway two: Conversational Questions.

6. One goal, three possible paths pathway three: Acts of Kindness Showing Compassion.

7. Authenticity and Intentionality versus Masks and Judging.

8. Evangelism is much more than inviting people to church.

9. You have all the tools you need, it’s called your faith and testimony.

10. Top ten questions or objections nonbeliers have about Christ/God.

Wednesday Adult Discipleship

Revive Us! Again.

Beginning September 20th at 6:30 p.m.

Fall Teaching/Video Series by Ron Boehme

Spiritual renewal is the greatest need of the United States, at First Christian Church, and in each one of our individual lives.

1. The Need for Spiritual Renewal (and its Five Pillars).

2. History of Revivals (Worldwide and in the United States).

3. What is Spiritual Awakening?

4. Marks of a Dull Conscience Toward God.

5. How the Human Conscience Becomes Seared.

6. The Consequences and Remedy for a Bad Conscience.

7. Accounting to God: Sin‘s Three Trap Doors.

8. Religious Idolatry (Cultural Compromise).

9. Pride & Humility.

10. Revival Praying.

11. The Gift of Suffering.

12. Footsteps of Revival (How to Change a Nation).