1 Peter 4:12-19 Suffering as a Christian

Posted on 25 Sep 2017, Pastor: Joel Morris

Welcome and thanks for joining us. This summer First Christian is walking through the book of 1 Peter. We’d love to have you join us as we dig into this very important letter from Peter to the church of Asia minor.

We can and we must suffer. Christ suffered for our sins once for all. He did so for us, to bear our sins. When we take up our cross and suffer for His sake, it is for righteousness. This is a suffering we must choose! Until Christ returns in glory, His rejection by men continues. When we identify ourselves with Christ and His righteousness is lived out in our lives, men reject Him by rejecting us. They persecute Him by persecuting us. Therefore, we Christian dare not view suffering as a negative experience.

Please listen to today’s message and stay strong.