Daniel – Chapter 5 – The Writing on the Wall

Posted on 22 Feb 2018, Pastor: JOEL MORRIS

Welcome. I am glad to have you join us for this series as we dig into the first six chapters of the Book of Daniel. The point of these messages, is to help us see and grasp Daniel’s and his three friends incredible faith when face with captivity, death, and persecution. We’ll discover together what we must do when our “Faith is Under Fire.”

This is the sixth message, focused on the events of chapter five.

As the Babylonians did then, people still do today. Civilizations for centuries have chosen to live in blatant disregard of God. And every now and then, God makes the sin of nations and people public by literally using His finger to write on the wall, man’s sins. When these sin warnings are ignored and there is willful rejection of God, God will bring His judgement and wrath. The only way to avoid God’s punishment is to repent. Believe God is sovereign, follow His ways, and obey His commands.

At least seven devastating sins are mentioned in chapter five of Daniel that lead to Babylon’s fall. Just so we are clear on them I’m going to list their sins for us. Ponder these sins. Do you see them as blatant in our own country and culture? Are these sins leading to our country’s inevitable doom? We might even ask “is it too late? Have we passed the point of no return like Babylon?”

Please listen and enjoy.

God bless you.
Pastor Joel Morris