Exposition of Hebrews – For the Sake of Faith – Hebrews 3:7-19

Posted on 25 Feb 2019, Pastor: Joel D Morris

Thank you for joining FCC as we walk through the Book of Hebrews most of 2019. This will be a Christ-centered exposition exalting Jesus in this wonderful letter of Hebrews. We are going to take our time as we will be witness to God’s glory in Christ. I hope you’ll join us for the discussions.

Today’s message covers verses 7-19 of chapter 3 of Hebrews. Israel failed to enter God’s rest because they presumed on God’s kindness and had their hearts harden by sin. They were rebellious and therefore God did not let them enter the promised rest (land). Stay focused on God and encourage others to do the same. God bless.

Please listen to today’s message. I hope it encourages you.

In Christ,
Pastor Joel