Thank you for joining FCC as we walk through the Book of Hebrews most of 2019. This will be a Christ-centered exposition exalting Jesus in this wonderful letter of Hebrews. We are going to take our time as we will be witness to God’s glory in Christ. I hope you’ll join us for the discussions.

Today’s message covers Hebrews 9:23-28. Thanks for joining us.

Our verses today fall into two points:
#1. Christ’s once for all sacrifice of Himself for our sins, far exceeds the Old Testament sacrifices (Verses 23-26).

We know that the earthly sanctuary (the shadow) had to be purified by blood. But , why did the heavenly tabernacle need to be purified? The answer, it makes us acceptable.

#2. When Christ comes again, we can look forward to salvation, not to judgment.

Three tenses to our salvation:
Past – justified and regenerated. We were saved by Christ’ righteousness imparted to us.

Present – being sanctified. We are being saved as God works His holiness into our daily lives.

Future – glorification. When Christ comes again, we shall be saved completely. Finally liberated from our present bodies.