Thank you for joining FCC as we walk through the Book of Hebrews most of 2019. This will be a Christ-centered exposition exalting Jesus in this wonderful letter of Hebrews. We are going to take our time as we will be witness to God’s glory in Christ. I hope you’ll join us for the discussions.

Today’s message covers the first three verses of Hebrews. Hebrews 1:1-3. Perhaps the greatest three verses in scripture.

In three short verses, covered are the doctrines of revelation, creation, the trinity, Christology, the atonement and made was a correlation between the Old and New Testaments. This list of doctrines read like part of the table of contents in a systematic theology textbook.

Speaking of Christology, the theological study concerning the nature and work of Jesus. In these three verses we have all of these Christology themes to consider… Jesus, Son of God, Jesus, the revelation of God, Jesus, the fulfillment of O.T. revelation, Heir of all things, creator, radiance of God’s glory, exact representative of God’s nature, preserver of all creation, Jesus, purifier of sins and mediator for God’s people.

Wow! Join me know

Pastor Joel