Thank you for joining FCC as we walk through the Book of Hebrews most of 2019. This will be a Christ-centered exposition exalting Jesus in this wonderful letter of Hebrews. We are going to take our time as we will be witness to God’s glory in Christ. I hope you’ll join us for the discussions.

Today’s message covers verses 1-8 of chapter 6 of Hebrews.

The topic; Believers who faithfully follow Christ’s commands can be confident of their salvation. Do not neglect your walk with Jesus. Our verses today truly are the stuffing of a spiritual sandwich. It started with one piece of bread, Hebrews 5:11-14… the Confrontation, people can be spiritually immature. Next Sunday is the other slice of bread, Hebrews 6:9-12… the Mitigation. I have confidence in you to grow up. The stuffing, our verses today… the Warning, you are in danger!


Pastor Joel