FCC Vision Message 2019-20 We’re Focused on Who & Why

Posted on 05 Jun 2019, Pastor: Joel MORRIS

If you are listening to this message and joining us for the first time, my message today is similar to a “State of the Union Address” done by our presidents. So you might be thinking this was a poor time to listen. But, the truth is if you want to get to know us, our heart and focus as a church, it is good for you to listen.

Here is a short outline of my message: WHO – WHY – WHAT – HOW
#1. At the CORE of why we do what and how we do things is Christ. Christ is the who of who, number one.
#2. Our focus on Christ, drives why we do what and how. Our why is the love of God and our love for God. Love is our motivation.
#3. With Christ as our center and driven by love, our what we do is to become the best disciples we can be.
#4. Focused on Christ, with love we are His devoted disciples, now how we live our lives is to disciple others.

I hope this message can bless you.
In Christ,