Jesus’ Parables on Discipleship – #2 Transformed Motivations

Posted on 30 Sep 2019, Pastor: JOEL D MORRIS

Welcome , we are glad you joined us.  This Fall 2019, First Christian is walking through a twelve part message and study series titled, Jesus’ 12 Parables on Discipleship. Of course, Jesus used many parables or illustrated stories when he taught. But I have picked out twelve parables which specifically speak to the life transformation, the Holy Spirit takes a person through, from sinner to being mature disciple.

Please join us for this series. Outlines are available to follow. The message today was the second message from the parable of the Rich Fool, Luke 12:13-21.

With seeds planted, God reaps a harvest and ask us to participate. What is our motivation to do so? When the crop comes in do we build bigger barns for ourselves or do we give it all to the Lord? What motivates Jesus’ followers is what makes His disciples. What our hearts behold – we become!

Thanks for joining us, I hope today’s message will inspire you to live for Jesus with all you are.

In Christ,

Pastor Joel