Spiritual Disciplines – Growing With God – Simplicity

Posted on 11 Feb 2020, Pastor: Joel Morris

Thank you for joining us here at First Christian Church of Port Orchard, Washington. Our prayer is that you may be enriched by the message you are about to hear. May God open your heart to the spoken Word.

This Winter 2020, we are walking through the spiritual disciplines as taught by God’s Word. But what are spiritual disciplines? Spiritual disciplines are acts that help us spiritually mature in Christ for the sole purpose of drawing us closer to God and deeper in our faith. 

There are many spiritual disciplines, in this series we’ll consider about twelve; Reading & Studying the Bible, simplicity, submission, service, fasting, worship, prayer, celebration, hospitality, confession and more. I hope you will join us for each message. I pray that where God needs to work on your heart, you’ll open the door and let Him transform your life.


Today’s message is given by Pastor Joel Morris as he discusses living a more contented life that honors God.

Blessings to you today