The Progression of Sin (4) – Romans Message Series

Posted on 12 Oct 2020, Pastor: Joel Morris

Sunday, Oct. 11th, 2020 Order of Worship:
Today’s opening worship is with Michael Lobbett and his praise team.

Join us in signing: Pass Me Not, All The Saints Join In, Follow You Anywhere

Today’s communion message is offered by Daniel Biadog

Then sing with us, Great and Marvelous

Followed with today’s message: The Progression of Sin, from chapter one of the Book of Romans


Sing with us our closing song: Knowing You

Welcome to First Christian Church and our Fall 2020 message series on the Book of Romans. Todays message is the fourth in a series. Today, Paul addresses how three times God “gives over” wicked man to their sinfulness.

Today’s scripture is Romans 1:24-32.

God gives up on people! This is something most people could never consider; God giving mankind up. That does not seem to fit with God is love. But remember we are talking about the wrath of God, which is the wrath of a judge administering justice. God gives people over, but God does not give up completely. God has abandoned people, yes. But He also calls people back to Himself.

True fulfillment is found in a personal relationship with God. That is what God wants. Therefore, God says that all humans are simultaneously sinful, but loved.

I pray that the Lord bless your life.

Blessings to you,

Pastor Joel Morris