Vision Day 2017 message and objectives for coming year

Posted on 14 Jun 2017, Pastor: Joel Morris

Common conditions existed within the lives of God’s people, His church when past revivals broke out. Common to God’s followers is they started seeking Him passionately, they prayed and grew in knowledge of God’s will. They gave their hearts to Him and they repented of all sin. Forgiveness and grace flowed from each believer, and poor attitudes and selfishness died. People drew together and walk in daily obedience together. They aligned their lives with God’s holy Word. They allowed the Holy Spirit to lead them.

As FCC seeks and prays for revival, there are five additional objectives we must pursue that will help us be ready for revival when God sends it.

Objective #1:  Prayer & Repentance

Objective #2: Kingdom Growth Goal of “Each One, Reach One.”

Objective #3: Spiritual Formation Plan (Implement) 

Objective #4: Life Groups (Multiplication and participation)

 Objective #5: Organization of  FCC volunteer ministries of under Deacon leadership.

Please consider today’s message and cover our objectives with prayer.

In Christ, Pastor Joel Morris