Who Is God? – ROOTED message series – Fall 2018

Posted on 04 Oct 2018, Pastor: Joel Morris

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Fall 2018 Message series

Today’s message: Who Is God?

What have been your false or incomplete images of God?

If someone were to ask you who is God, would you be ready to explain God?

It’s very, very hard to capture the essence or description of God with our limited thoughts, words and images. We are finite, God isn’t. We can never fully understand God. He is incomprehensible.

However, we have responsibilities as ambassadors of Jesus to reach those around us with truth, love and the gospel. So we must know in our own developed understanding of God, how to answer this very deep question.

God has shown us who He is through His own revelation. God has revealed Himself many ways, and today I’d like for us to consider 6 ways; Creation, His Holy Word – the Bible, His works, His incommunicable attributes, His communicable attributes, and through Jesus Christ. I pray that considering these revelations today will help us find passion to develop an answer so that we will be prepared when someone ask… who is God?