I've Got Questions - Can I Trust The Bible? Is The Bible A Rule Book?

Let's face it... we all have! But questions are often a part of the process towards a deeper faith. So, let's get some answers together. In this series, get ready for the biggest questions, the deepest struggles in faith, and the answers that help us grow.

In all of the questions we may have, "Can I trust the Bible?", is one of the most important. The Bible is paramount to our faith. Without it, we wouldn't know who God is or even who we truly are. But can we truly trust the Bible? Where did it come from? Do we really need all of it, or can we just skip to the good parts? And, isn't the Bible just a rulebook from a helicopter parent God trying to control us? Or, is the Bible a wisdom book? What's the difference?

Find the answers to all of these questions and more in week 2 of I've Got Questions.